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Recent updates:                                                            Last website update: September 19, 2014

- (Oct 28) Fest is over! Updates to home and quilt pages

2014 fest photos are up on Facebook. Feel free to share your comments there. Thanks again to everyone who helped the festival turn out great!

The 2015 festival is scheduled for Oct 16-17.   

We don't have our full 2015 headliner plan yet, but will be bringing out Rick Thumb from MO (hammered dulcimer) and Bing Futch from FL (mountain dulcimer).

When we get all our 2015 instructors on contract, we'll start updating the website. For now, information still reflects the 2014 festival.

Mountain and hammered dulcimers
Mountain and Hammered Dulcimers

While there are lots of dulcimer festivals in the mid/eastern part of the country, there's only a handful of festivals in the entire western United States. What is a dulcimer anyways? And why a dulcimer festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico? In 2010 when we held our inaugural festival, we wondered if anyone would come. Response has exceeded all expectations! Not only have participants come from all over NM, but also AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, IN, KS, NE, NH, NV, OK, TX, VT and WI. We've used local teaching staff from numerous places throughout NM and brought headliners in from AR, CA, CO, FL, MD, MN, NC, RI, TN, and WV.

Thanks to all who made past festivals a success. With your help, our next festival will be even better!

  • If you'd like to volunteer to help with this year's festival, please contact us.
  • See this year's beautiful festival quilt (fund raiser to help keep registration costs down).

2014 Headliners

Karen Ashbrook(Silver Spring, MD)  - Hammered Dulcimer, Penny Whistle, Palliative Music
Linda Brockinton    (Alexander, AR)- Mountain Dulcimer
Karen Mueller(Minneapolis, MN)- Mountain Dulcimer, Autoharp
Sam Rizzetta(Inwood, WV)  - Hammered and Mountain Dulcimers

Additional Instructors

Karen Alley(Boulder, CO)    - Hammered Dulcimer
Dain Forsythe(Albuquerque, NM)- Bodhrán (Irish frame drum)
Donese Mayfield(Albuquerque, NM)- Celtic Harp
Paul Oorts(Silver Spring, MD)    - Mountain Dulcimer, Guitar, Mandolin, English Country Dance tunes (all instruments)
Irma Reeder(Albuquerque, NM)- Mountain Dulcimer
Scott Reeder(Albuquerque, NM)- Bowed Psaltery
Michael VeSeart    (Albuquerque, NM)- Ukulele

What is the New Mexico Dulcimer Festival?

  • Dulcimer Instruction
    • Two days of hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer workshops for all skill levels
    • "Never-played-before" workshops for those who want to start
    • A limited number of dulcimer rentals are available to registered participants for the event
  • Over 30 Workshops
    • In addition to dulcimer classes, workshops on other folk instruments (may be Celtic harp, bowed psaltery, bodhrán, tin whistle, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, other - see workshops)
    • A limited number of our workshops are offered a la carte where guests of registered participants or walk-ins can pay for specific sessions
    • A la carte workshops are included for registered participants
    • Loaner instruments are available at no cost for many of these workshops
  • Concerts
    • Friday and Saturday evening concerts by instructors (open to the public)
  • Jamming
    • Thursday night jamming until midnight at the festival host hotel - headliners will be arriving after they've had dinner*
    • Often we'll have Jamming skills workshops for both dulcimer types
    • Slow jam and regular jam during each festival day*
    • Friday and Saturday night after-concert jams at the host hotel until midnight*
    • *Jams are intended for festival participants and their guests only. All acoustic folk instruments are welcome.

  • More

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Hot air balloons over Albuquerque

We scheduled this year's dulcimer festival the weekend following the October 5-13, 2013, Balloon Fiesta so we might catch more of you RVers traveling through the southwest. We hope you'll stay in Albuquerque after the balloon spectacle to make some music with us.

With more than 700 beautiful hot air balloons participating, the Fiesta is the largest ballooning event on earth. Attracting more than 800,000 national and international visitors and more than 800 media representatives from across the globe, it is also the largest annual event in North America. It has been recognized as the world's most photographed event, and has been characterized as the most spectacular and colorful festival on the planet.

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